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We teach riders of all levels, from Novice to Experienced,
and in all age groups, 
from Tiny Tots to Seniors.

Riding Lessons are taught on our own School ponies & horses
as well as on horses and ponies at the School on working livery.

We have all types of horses and ponies available for riding lessons and hacks: easy-to-ride first ponies, steady horses for improvers, "goers" for the more adventurous, happy hackers, show ponies, show jumpers, BE event horses and point to pointers.

Our yard is very proud of our successful young competitors and work hard to motivate, coach and produce young riders
ho hold their own what ever the competition.



Tiny Tots, roughly from 3 to 5 years old: short, fun "Tiny Tots" lessons have an older child holding the reins under an Instructor.

Children who have not, or hardly, ridden before: we expect them to start in a "Lead Rein Class". Here another older child holds the reins, under an instructor, while the rider learns to ride independently. Once the child can safely walk on the horse, and has started to understand how to trot and, most importantly, feels confident, they can move to the next stage. This is not related to age, solely to the stage and confidence of the rider.

Beginners Class: is for child and adult riders without an other person holding the reins, now learning to ride independently.

We have different streams/groups for Children and Adults, but the exact split again depends on the confidence and ability of the rider.

Then, the rider can progress through Novice, Intermediate, and then Advanced classes and beyond.

Any rider can have a Private Lesson, as opposed to a Group Lesson.

Any experienced rider who is new to Court Equestrian, should start with a private 30 minute lesson, so that we can each assess each other. The rider can, of course, then continue with private or group lessons. 

13 Sep 08 032 (Custom).jpg

Part of a Group Riding Lesson


A more serious Competition


In one of the outdoor schools


Part of a Jumping Lesson

If you are new to Court Equestrian, please "Sign Up" to make sure we have essential information.
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Tess jump.jpg
Tess leading the Court Flyers Team Chasing Team

And in a National Competition

Mar 09 024.jpg

More formal wear .......

Mar 09 028.jpg

Under good control

13 Sep 08 021 (Custom).jpg

Cooling a horse down afterwards

13 Sep 08 034 (Custom).jpg

Our Farrier spends at least one day a week  
at Court Equestrian

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