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The Livery service includes:

  • keep & bedding

  • mucking out

  • feed

The monthly livery fee, payable at the start of each calendar month, covers all of the above, and should preferably be paid by standing order.

The Livery Owner is responsible for:

  • farriers' costs. It is a requirement that owners maintain animals feet in good condition. The farriers are at the School on Mondays, and on other days by appointment. They have been looking after all of our school horses and virtually all of the livery horses for many years and they have great experience and knowledge. Owners must pay Farriers' bills directly and promptly to the Farrier.

  • vet's bills. Livery owners may call in their own vets or use the excellent vets (Three Counties Equine Hospital) who service the School's own horses and most of the livery horses and ponies. Owners must pay Vets' bills directly and promptly to the Vet

Please note that School staff may arrange veterinary inspection and or treatment if, in their opinion, it is an emergency and if the livery owner cannot be easily contacted for prior permission.

  • other specialised services, such as dentistry etc

  • insurance - owners are encouraged to insure their animal for third party cover and possibly for medical and personal injury cover.

  • flu or other vaccinations

  • special supplements, additional feed and bedding


FULL LIVERY: the owner has the benefit of all of the above and the School does not have the right to use the horse/pony in any school activities.

WORKING LIVERY: the same as Full Livery, except the School has the right to use the horse/pony for up to 6 hours of lessons/hacks per week, some of which will be at weekends, and this is reflected in the lower charge for working livery.

For price info please click here.


We have many horses & ponies on livery.
Livery stables are spacious, with water and lighting, and all have power in or close to the stable.

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