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We have students on Work Experience at Court Equestrian, who come from local schools & colleges and from Veterinary Colleges around the country with whom we have a relationship.

This is normally for one or two weeks and can be at any time during the year.

It is usually arranged through the school/college, or, if arranged by the student, the school/college is then notified by the student.

We can supply insurance details and risk assessments that may be required by the school/college.

The work is unpaid, and students have to find their own way here and bring their own lunch/snacks.

We have covered areas where students can sit/eat, and a small kitchen with fridge, microwave & kettle, hot & cold water.

We can supply schools/colleges with brief reports if required.

The work is outside, being around horses and stables. It can be dusty especially in hot weather.

Students will not be asked to do anything beyond their capability and experience. However, there will be some physical work which may involve mucking out stables, cleaning yards/tack, tidying up, helping get hay & feed ready for horses.  Never carry/lift anything beyond your capability and ask for help as needed eg small bales should have two people. If appropriate, work can involve handling horses/ponies or their tack, and watching lessons or perhaps supporting an instructor.

Dates have to be agreed in advance so that we can control the number of students at any one time.

Students must wear sensible clothes: trousers, stout shoes/boots, no loose clothing, plus be dressed for the weather. Clothes will be grubby/dirty!

Once on site, students should not leave the site before finish time without telling an Instructor.


Horses are lovely and gentle to be around. However, they can be unpredictable, and can be spooked by unusual activity, noise or movements. So students must follow instructions and must not race around, be noisy and, if carrying something pass horses slowly, giving a wide berth. Never push past an animal.

In particular, keep away from rear legs. 

We have a number of tractors and other equipment on site; students must be careful around them.

We expect time here to be generally fun! Students nearly always enjoy their time here, and they learn a lot about horses and also working with other people, maybe a little out of their comfort zone, and they do contribute to the running of our yard!


 We have a wide variety of horses suitable for most riders. However, at the moment, we have a weight limit for riders (weighed fully dressed and ready to ride) of 16 stone (100 kg) for experienced riders and 15 stone (95 kg) for novices/new riders.


We have not used AI to generate any text on this website. All descriptions have been written by our staff.

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