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Our booking system is designed specifically for equestrian activities and this is a simplified guide to allow riders to get started.

Over time, as more features are added, this guide will be updated.

In order to see the Timetable and to Book lessons or other activities, Riders must be registered on the Booking system.


  • An Adult must Register first. Other Riders (profiles) in your Group can then be added.

  • Complete Profiles on registration (Brief for Non-Riders, Full for Riders)

  • Riders and lessons are allocated a Level or Category.

  • Lessons can only be booked if at the appropriate Level.

  • The Booking System can be accessed from any major browser or a Short Cut on your phone.

  • Multiple lessons or members of a Group can be paid in one transaction.

  • Various ways to pay.

  • Lessons can be cancelled with auto credit refund up to one day before.

The system is intuitive, but a more detailed step-by-step guide now follows.


All lessons hacks and some other activities (inlcuding Fun Days and some shows) can only be booked on the online booking system.

Some activities (such as parties or camps) have to be booked at the office.

Every rider has to register on the new system. You will notice that we ask for some information, so we have essential contact and safety information and to make the booking system work better.

Registration and Profiles

The person to register initially must be an adult (rider or non-rider) ie age 18 or over.

A rider, or a family, or a group, registers once. A “Profile” must then be created for every person in the same registration.

The “Profile” includes contact details and for riders also essential personal information (age, height, weight, allergies, health issues etc) as well as brief information on experience.


An adult rider age 18 or over who wants to register alone:

Register and complete a full profile for themselves

A parent/carer who does not ride but has a partner or children etc who does ride:

That person registers and completes their brief profile as a non-rider AND also completes full profiles for each rider in their group.

A child (ie not yet 18) who wishes to ride:

The child must arrange for an adult to register (with a brief profile) and then to create a full profile for the rider.

How to register

The Booking System has its own website ( There are links on our website to the Booking System and vice versa. To register on the new booking system, the adult who registers initially should:

follow the Menu link on our website on the Book Online page; OR

go straight to

The adult completes their personal Profile:

it will be BRIEF if the adult is not a Rider

it will be FULL if the rider will personally ride.

The adult then complete FULL profiles for any other riders that they wish to be in their group, whether adult or child.

The registration is then automatically sent to ourselves, and we have to check and approve before it becomes live. You will get emailed confirmation that this has happened.

Any adult can then book suitable lessons.

Levels/Categories for Riders & Lessons

We use the following standard categories/levels for riders and lessons, while understanding that there has to be judgement and some overlap.

CHILDREN up to 18th birthday:

Tiny Tots

Child Lead Rein

Child Beginner

Child Novice

Child Intermediate

Child Advanced

ADULTS 18 and over:

Adult Novice

Adult Intermediate

Adult Advanced

Private lessons can generally be tailored for any category.

Instructors will liaise with riders to check that they are in the correct level, as well as personalising the teaching and experience for that Rider. This is very much a two-way process to ensure the Rider has the best experience and progresses at the right, enjoyable pace.

Specialist disciplines are dealt with separately.

What Lessons can be seen and booked

A rider who has registered as the only rider will see Lessons which are suitable for them. This will include lessons which may be at a lower level of experience, but not for a more advanced level of experience.


A Group may include riders at different levels; if so, all members of that group will see all lessons that are suitable for all members of the group. This allows groups to plan activity more easily.

How to access the Booking System

Once you have registered, you book a lesson by following the link on our main website ( OR you can download a “Short Cut” to your phone, and then access the booking system simply by clicking on that short cut.


On your phone, go to the website Make sure you have registered and are on your Dashboard. Select the action button on your phone (a square with a vertical arrow) and scroll to “Add to Home Screen” and select it. The Short Cut icon will then appear on your iPhone Home Screen. In future, click on this icon and go straight to your Dash Board.


On your phone, go to the website Make sure you have registered and are on your Dashboard. Tap the menu icon on your phone (3 dots in upper-right hand corner) and tap “Add to Home Screen”.  In future, click on this icon and go straight to your Dash Board.

All booking information and activity is on the booking website, NOT on our main website. You can move between websites by clicking on links. On the Booking system click “Main Website”, which is at the foot of each page.

How to Book a Lesson

You can book a lesson online up to 11.00 pm on the day before. 

On your Dashboard tap “Book Lesson” in top right corner- if this does not show, it probably means that you have to complete your Profile. Alternatively, select the “Calendar” button.

The screen shows lessons suitable for you for a week at a time. You can scroll forwards and backwards by week (or a 4-week jump using the double arrows).

Lessons with available slots are shown in the calendar list. By default only lessons with vacant slots are shown. However, to include fully-booked lessons click “Change Filters” button then tick “Show full lessons".

Tap the lesson with a slot to see a brief description:

type of lesson
suitable for which level
availability eg 2/5 means 2 slots have been booked in a class of 5.

Tap the lesson to book.

If there is more than one rider in your group, select which rider (ie which profile) will attend.

Some lessons may have Optional Extras; for example, a private lesson can be made to a Duo Private by selecting the extra. In this case you must add a note and describe the additional rider.

Where  a lesson is set as a semi-private, all riders must be registered and the relevant profiles must be selected. 

Tap Add To Basket. You are given the choice to Go To Basket or Continue Shopping.

At Check Out, you have the choice of:

Card checkout

Book with Credit.

Pay on Arrival (not available on Private lessons and some other sessions)

Pay by Token 

Your lesson is then Booked.

Book With Credit

Your Dashboard shows your Credit position.

Tap Top Up to add money to your credit. This can then be used to book lessons.

It you are given a Gift Card, the value is added to your credit automatically when redeemed/used.

The Credit value can only go negative if you have chosen to Pay on Arrival – you must then Top Up or pay the balance on or before arrival.

Tokens for Pre-paid Regular Riders & Liveries (Due shortly)

A Group will be set up for Regular Riders and a separate Group for Liveries.

Riders in each Group will be issued with ”Tokens” each month. Unused Token cannot be used past expiry date. Obviously tokens will not be issued if payment ceases.

Riders can book lessons as normal and then "pay" for applicable lessons by selecting Pay By Token at checkout. We may sometimes create lessons or activities that only Group members can access and book.

We realise that we have to be flexible in some instances to make the system and substitutions work smoothly, as it has in the past.

How to see your Bookings

You can see your Bookings scrolling week-by-week through the calendar.

How To Cancel

If a Booking is cancelled up to one day before, the cost will be automatically credited to your account.

Later cancellations will not be automatically refunded – if necessary please speak to your Instructor or the office.


Prices change on 1st April each year. Any Bookings made and paid for before that date will be honoured at the current prices.


Answers to commonly-asked questions can be found at:

In addition we can try to answer your questions, either by speaking to an Instructor or by emailing

In addition, some changes and improvements will be introduced over time.

If you spot any errors or inconsistencies please let us know on 

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