The School offers a wide range of lessons, courses, hacks and activities for children, adults  and Schools and Groups, including those with special needs.

In addition the School is an Approved NVQ City & Guilds Teaching Centre - see separate section for full details. 

Payment preferably by contactless card OR in advance by bank transfer (get details from

The best way to see the Timetable and/or to book a lesson
is through our Online Booking system.

More info HERE​.

Or email

or phone Claire on 077 3456 9118 or admin on 01905 831 778 as usual

To cancel a lesson, please give at least 24 hours notice. Email is not monitored at weekends; to cancel a weekend lesson after midday on Friday phone the office (leave a message if on voicemail) on 01905 831 522 or text 077 3456 9118.

NOTE: prices for lessons etc are shown on the online booking system. The prices below are a guide and apply in most cases. In the event of a difference, the price shown on the online booking system is correct.

 Prices from 1st April 2022


   CHILDREN: From age c5 to 18

Lesson/Hack. 1/2 hour =  £16.50               

1  hour =  £28


Lesson/Hack  1/2 hour =   £18.50

45 minutes =   £27

1 hour =£32


Special short 20 minute lessons for the younger rider, from 3 years old to 5 years old.

(see note below on insurance) £10.50


Rates will be higher where specialist tuition or facilities are involved, or if additional Instructors or Assistants are needed to meet the specific needs of the Group.


Child or adult 30 minutes = £33

45 minutes =   £44.50


This is a lesson for just 2 riders

30 minutes duo= £26 each rider

45 minutes duo =  £36 each rider

To book a Duo lesson on our Booking System select the Private lesson and in the Notes Page say it is a Duo/Split lesson and select Pay in Person.


   Child =  £47

   Adult = £56


   Single £33

   Multiple/siblings £30


   Typically the cost per child is £14; minimum payment £84, equivalent to 6 children).

    Party Food Packs of food & drinks can be provided by Stirrups Cafe - more details on the Facilities page


   Special packages can be tailored to requirements.


   Full Livery from £425 per month 

   Working Livery £325

   Working Field Livery £240  (very few spaces)


   Child £135 per month

   Adult £148 per month

Regular Rider details: riders can have up to 3 half-hour group lessons or hacks (or equivalent) per week. For the moment these should be on different days. We will try to accommodate unused slots in the next week, but they cannot be carried over to the next month.

Payment by Standing Order bank transfer at the start of each month.

Regular Rider slots cannot be used for Fun Days.

Child regular riders can be dropped off for an agreed period  between 9.00 am and 4.00 pm on Saturday or Sunday and do some stable management (helping tack up, muck out, hay & water ponies). This must be agreed in advance. While adults are around, children may not necessarily be closely supervised at all times. More info here.

We will try to accommodate preferences for favourite horses but cannot always guarantee it.


   We have a wide variety if horses suitable for most riders. However, at the moment, we have a weight limit for riders (weighed fully dressed and ready to ride) of 16 stone for experienced riders and 15 stone for novices/new riders.


Vouchers make a great present. They are available for any of the lessons and can be posted or emailed. Pay at the stables office or by bank transfer. They are valid for a year. Lessons can then be booked.


These are available for loan by Riders who do not have their own. Please make use of them!


All riders (and the parents & carers of riders) have to accept that accidents will happen with horses and ponies. Horses & ponies can be unpredictable and can be "spooked" by apparently innocuous and unexpected items or events.   No matter how good the Instructor, or how much care is taken, it is difficult and often impossible for anyone other than the rider to have full control over the animal.

So, riders will fall off! Horses and ponies are big and strong, so falling off can lead to accidental injury!

Reduce the risks of injury by ALWAYS wearing a hard hat; wearing body protection; wearing riding boots (or at least boots with smooth soles to minimise the risk of catching in stirrups); treating the animal with respect and care; avoiding loud, sudden or unexpected actions around the animal; and, you could even consider some of the more expensive methods of protection such as Body Protectors (or even air bags!)

Whilst it is extremely unlikely that a rider would have a claim against the school, we do have a Combined Equine Insurance Policy in place. However, this does NOT cover riders under the age of 4 nor any rider who does not wear a suitable hat.

All riders should consider taking out their own insurance cover.

Children are expected to leave the school when their lesson is over. If they are allowed to stay longer, click here

The best way to see the Timetable and to book a lesson is through
our Online Booking system. More info HERE.

Or email

077 3456 9118 or 01905 831 778