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Work Experience


Court Equestrian gets many requests for work experience and we accept a number of students each year.

we give prefence to:

  young people who ride here

  pupils at local schools (unless they ride at another riding school)

  students at Veterinary, Agricultural or similar Colleges

Liaison with Tutors: we expect contact from tutors or the school/college. We will give copies of our insurance and will show member of staff around the premises on request. We will complete whatever forms are requested by the school/college before or after work eperience.

Hours: normal school or College hours, unless oterwise agreed

Breaks: morning and lunch breaks. If you feel you need an additional break or rest speak to a member of staff immediately.

Facilities: WC's, rest room, "kettle" room with hot & Cold water, kettle, coffee machine,microwave, car parking

Clothes: bring clothes suitable for the weather (you will get grubby around horses) and stout shoes or boots with flat heels. In hot weather keep well-covered, no bikini or tank tops or short shorts. Suitable trousers must be owrn if you ride.

Work: you are expected to do some work so you will notb just be watching. This is a riding school, so the work is essentially outdoors and can be reasonably physical. Do not do anything about which you are unsure or for which you have not had instructions or training. Work may include the following, subject to the experience and ability of the student:

  stable care ie cleaning/mucking outm, adding water, hanging hay nets

  horse handling ie gromming, leading a horse, perhaps fitting a bridle, maybe helping a class by leading a horse for a novice under an Instructor

  riding: if the student wishes, and subject to the discretion of teh yard, students may be allowed to ride a suitable horse or pony.

  activities usially take pplace withtin the ground of the school. However, it may, subject to greement, include walking to a nearby field to collect a horse or something similar.

Smoking: not allowed anywhere on the premises OR at any time when you are outside the premises on school activities (including walkuing to a nearby field). Students old enough to smoke may be allowed to smoke in the car park during their break, but at no ther times.

Alcohol: not allowed on the premises

Contact details: make sure we have contact details in case of any problem and that we know of any medical cionditions or allergies. Remember, it will always be dusty around horses and stable.


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