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Schools & Groups

Court Equestrian runs customised courses and packages for a number of schools (state and private), social services, special needs groups and other organisations in Malvern, Worcester and the wider Worcestershire area.

The courses can be as simple as a single "Introduction to Horses" session, which would cover the basics of horse care, riding, and a short ride on a horse/pony.

Or a course of lessons can be provided. Depending on the needs of the riders, we can provide staff to help with riding etc. Where riders come with helpers we can work with them to make the whole experience more enjoyable.

There are many young people and adults who benefit from having contact with horses. For some, it is an introduction to a completely different type of life and lifestyle. It combines exercise and fresh air with ((controlled!) excitement. Without realising it, riders have to be disciplined, think of others, and work with others, and all while they are learning something new and fun. And for many groups, riding is just a great change from normal activity.

Pupils in Primary and Secondary schools benefit from contact with horses in different ways and our approach and activities are carefully tailored to the age and abilities of the pupils.

We can offer a structured progression for schools and groups, for example:

we have a series of certificates and diplomas covering different stages of riding and stable management

we can offer NVQ courses in HORSE CARE, the recognised qualification in the equine industry. At the moment, our NVQ courses are full, but we can discuss courses starting later in 2009. See the section . While NVQ courses for people in employment usually benefits frmo Government funding, courses aimed at school children have to be funded elsewhere.

 We are also happy to visit schools or other groups and give a talk on any aspect of riding.