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Schools Course "Using Waste"


Background notes for Schools for the  “USING WASTE” course

Court Equestrian is a riding school with 50 horses and ponies, licensed and inspected by Malvern Hills District Council, and registered with and inspected by the Association of British Riding Schools.

A number of state and private schools, as well as some special institutions, send young people to Court Equestrian for short courses and for one-off events. These range from a one-off visit by 130 pupils from Handsworth (spread over 3 days) for a general appreciation of countryside activities, to short courses for pupils sent from the Pupil Referral Unit, to Introduction to Stable Care and an Introduction to Riding courses for primary and secondary pupils. Contact with horses stimulates many young people!

In addition, Court Equestrian staff includes qualified NVQ Assessors and we deliver NVQ courses in Horse Care & Riding to 16-18 year olds (as well as to 19+), funded by an appropriate NVQ provider. We are currently (2012) running a class of 9 NVQ candidates; Abingdon & Witney College will award their NVQ.

Court Equestrian has put together a short (up to half day) course which covers
the modern use of waste materials in the equestrian industry.

The course is geared, as appropriate, to Primary or Secondary pupils and is held on site at the stables. The pupils will be introduced to some horses & ponies and may stroke/handle them under supervision. They will see a typical stable, an outdoor arena, a horse-exerciser, bridle, saddle and horse shoe.

Through the presentation, pupils will be shown how waste products are used in the equestrian industry:

Bedding is vital for a horse’s safety and comfort in a stable: we use 3 types of bedding:

Straw, which is a waste product from wheat or barley production, until recently burnt in stubble fields;

Chopped paper – waste from paper production, or shredded confidential documents;

Wood shavings – waste from wood mills, with dust removed.

Our two outdoor arenas both use waste products:

Chopped air plane tyres;

Wood chippings.

We use rubber matting in all of our stables (as a base for the bedding), on the floor of our horse exerciser, and on concrete paths where there is a slope. These are made from recycled rubber.

We do produce a lot of waste ourselves. Pupils will see our manure heap – we generate hundreds of tons of manure each year! This composts down in a large manure heap and is then used for farm fertiliser.

Every horse has its shoes replaced every couple of months, producing hundreds of used horse shoes every year. These are all recycled into new metal products

We have panels on the roof of one of our barns that provide enough electricity to meet the school’s power needs.

A small charge is usually made for this shrort course