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Leon finds a friend

Court Equestrian have published a book about one of their favourite ponies, Leon.

The 12 page book is full of glossy real-life photos, featuring Leon, who is looking for a special friend, and Tess, who wants a pony.

Aimed at the younger person, who is being read stories or is starting to read him or herself, the book has a happy ending, of course!

It is suitable for any younger child whether interested in ponies or not.



A limited number of copies is available, priced £3 if you pay at the stables office.

Or, email us with your name and address, and we will give you our bank details for for payment and post it to you at just £4 including post and packing.

And here is Tess, helped by sister Faye, selling the book at Court Equestrian on launch day:


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