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Courses for less-academic students

Courses for Students who find academic work difficult


Many young people find it hard to concentrate properly at school and find academic work difficult. We know that this creates probelms for them, and society as a whole, in laterlife.

Working with horses can often give such young peole a new stimulas and interest.

We have seen this many times. Young people who are disinterested and difficult to handle can be different people when working with horses. They have to be disciplined, but they don't realise it. They have to work hard and consistently, but mucking out a stable or brushing a horrse does not seem like work. They have to be careful and obey instructions, otherwise the horse they are riding may tip them off.

Often it reaches the stage where young people prefer to spend more time at the stables than hanging around in our town centres.

These are great skills for life which may, sometimes, carry over back into regular school work.

Hundreds of young people have spent time at Court Equestrian. We have seen in the massive majority how being with and working with horses can make them more responsible citizens.

Court Equestrian has specific experience of workimng with young people from the Pupil Referral Units.