You can continue to book lessons, hacks, etc the same as always.
However, we introduced ONLINE BOOKING in 2020 and now virtually all bookings are made through the system, using either the clever phone app or going to our website'
You can see when lessons are held, when there are available slots, book and even pay.
You can do it on the website as a GUEST, but, it is much easier to manage your bookings, and to make more bookings in the future if you first Sign Up as a Member.
  1. Go to our website (using your phone, laptop or PC) 
  2. On the MENU bar at the top of the page, click the LOGIN button         
  3. If not yet a member, select SIGN UP
  4. Fill in basic details required eg name, preferred password etc.
  5. You will get an email asking you to confirm your email. Click on the link.
You are now a member!
To see the calendar of lessons and to book on line at any time, select BOOK ONLINE from the Menu Bar.
  • Select the type of lesson that you would like.
  • You will then have a choice of dates. Select the best date.
  • You can pay right away by credit card, or later by bank transfer, or just pay on the day. If you are a Livery, Regular Rider, or have a voucher, just select pay on the day but you won't be charged!
You will get an email to confirm the Booking and to keep you updated.
If you usually book for several riders (such as several children, or a parent and child), it is easier to do future bookings also using the website. You can put different riders' names on the form for each lesson booking.
For a single rider, it is easier to manage bookings on your PHONE using our APP:
1. in your App store, select "Wix Bookings" & download.
2. When requested, use this invite code: PGQPII (all capital letters)
You can then see more information and options!